Singhala pages


  1. Opened the original file from inside a browser
  2. Copied all the text to memory and pasted into a new page in HTML Kit
  3. Replaced all left angle bracket (<) with its HTML entity (&#x3c;) and right angle bracket (>) with (&#x3e;)
  4. Pasted the resulting page in the edit box wih heading "Paste here any single-byte text to convert to an HTML page" at
  5. Coverted that text into an HTML page as given and copied the result into the HTML Editor, fixed the title tag with name of the file
  6. Replaced the existing style directives with the following:
    <style type="text/css">
    @font-face{font-family:Tipitaka_Sinhala1;src:url( format("woff")}
  7. Enclosed the English notations like this: <span class="lat">[\q 41/]</span>
Now this file ia accessible from anywhere. However, text copied from it cannot be pasted elsewhere as it reduces to garbage.

  1. Copied the page as seen on the browser (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C)
  2. Went to LovataSinhala/pali.php page and pasted it into the text box under the heading,
    ' adaviyen pitapaþ kaLa síhala lipisákhyaa (text)'
  3. Clicked on the button that says, 'veb pituvaka pasuþalaya labaaganna'
  4. Received the document converted into RS in the box with the heading: 'ðeruva heLa akurata haravana laða veb pituva meþanin pitapaþ karaganna'
  5. We actually did not do this but is necessary: The English notations of page numbers etc. are now destroyed. They need to be copied from the original and placed enclosed by <span class="lat"> and </span>