English and Polish pages

This file becomes directly readable when you add the web font. However, it does not make its text copyable without reducing to garbage. As such, it is only good for web access. We did not make any hand editing. It has too many syntax errors to admit of correction. The procedure of adding the web font is as follows:

  1. Added the @font-family web font CSS entry into the header area:
    <style type="text/css">
    @font-face {
    src:url(http://smartfonts.net/woff/tcpr____.woff) format("woff");
  2. Did a global replace of all the Times_CSX+ entries by Times_CSX.

The following is the procedure we used to convert the above file into an HTML5 page with standard Unicode characters. The text in this file could be safely copied and pasted into Notepad and saved as UTF-8 text. It also could be quoted in email messages. No non-English Latin characters could be expected to survive reduction to garbage because different mail clients use different character set declarations. (This situation is improving).

  1. Copied the page as seen on the browser (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C)
  2. Went to: pinyin.info web site
  3. Pasted the text copied at step 1 into the edit box to obtain Unicode NCRs for non-English double-byte letters
  4. Went to: http://www.lovatasinhala.com/pali.php
  5. Pasted the result from the Pinyin.info into the Text to HTML box and hit the convert button
  6. Obtained the HTML source of the text from the Results edit box
  7. Added the link to Times_CSX web font as CSS inside the header area of the new HTML source (Made sure to use a Plain Text editor):
    <style type="text/css">
  8. Went back to the original file and copied the Pali header. It was formatted for Times_CSX+ font. Therefore, the underlying standard text is:
    Majjhima Nikàya
  9. Pasted it back in the new HTML page to restore the Pali header (that was distorted by Pinyin.info's conberter)
  10. Enclosed the Pali line with the style information of the Pali font:
    <span style="font-family:Times_CSX">
    Majjhima Nikàya I