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ðeruva heLa síhala — Dual-script Singhala

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Latin-script | laþin akuru

pahala kotuva þula æþi fayil oba veþa genvaagena kiyaviimatayi. eþæna ihalinma æþi fayil haþaree anþarayee æþþee ekama vaarþþaavayi. eya fayil varga haþarakin ðakvannee ðeruva heLa kramayata avazya 'oopan tayip' sammaþaya parigaNaka kxeþraya þula sampuurNayenma anubhaavasiððha vii æþi vaga niðasun karannayi.

avaasanaavakata 'hora vindoos' parigaNakavala mema akuru bæÐena þaakxaNaya siþaamaþaama valak‌vaa æþuvaa see ya. inðiiya bhaaxaa mesee mayikrosoft samaagamee upakaaraya næþiva parigaNakayee yeðiya hæki vaga janaþaava avabooðha kara gaþahoþ, vindoos haa ofis anva ciþiya raajyayanta vikiNiimee varama ema samaagamata næþivii yææma niyaþayi.

The items in the table below are for you to download. The first four items there all have the text of the same report. The purpose of presenting it in four different formats is to illustrate that Open Type standard required for dual-script technology is now implemented throughout the IT sphere.

Unfortunately, letters do not combine in Pirated Windows machines. This is as if a defect purposefully inserted, for if society learns that they do not need the assistance of Microsoft for their languages on the computer, Microsoft would lose regular large-scale government accounts.

Dual-scripted-Singhala-2015-01-15 docx 3277KB Word 2016 avazya vee | needs Word 2016
Dual-scripted-Singhala-2015-01-15 pdf 535KB ðarzana phalakayata | for‌ viewing on screen
Dual-scripted-Singhala-2015-01-15-P pdf 535KB muðraNayata suðusuyi | better for‌ printing
Dual-scripted-Singhala-2015-01-15 htm 47KB ðarzana phalakayata | for‌ viewing on screen
keyboard-layout png 68KB ðarzana phalakayata | for‌ viewing on screen

ígriisiyen kiyavanna aasaa karana heLayantayi parigaNakazilpiintayi þaakxaNaya piLibaÐa pæhæðilikiriimak

An introduction to the technology used here
Believe it or not, behind everything you read on the screen is only a row of numbers A font translates them into glyphs (letters) for you to read. This is why you can change the font inside some programs. This page shows some codes in glyphs drawn in the shapes of Singhala letters. You can click the button top right above and see Singhala shown with a Latin-letter font. That is Romanized Singhala just like Romanized English. English was forced to romanize by Romans. Earlier it used a Runic alphabet (kurutu akuru).

The Singhala Font
Our font is world's first Orthographic Smart Font. There are 2500 glyphs in its Private Use Area that are accessed using 98 lookup tables. Complete coverage of Sanskrit would bring the total number of glyphs to about 3000. Fonts of other designs can be made out of this font easily by replacing the shapes with new ones.

The primary concern about this font is that drawing thousands of glyphs per page could cause the computer to halt. This is guessing without knowing fundamentals of how a font is rendered. It could be argued that rendering the Singhala font loaded with ligatures is faster than rendering a regular Latin font letter-by-letter. Mozilla Corporation made this comparison in 2006 and reported the difference as 2% without saying which one is faster. Apple and Adobe never had issues with this technology.

English QWERTY keyboard uses 52 keys (regular and shifted). Singhala needs only 42 regularly used keys, and fewer shift level keys. In addition, the keys frequently used in Singhaka are at the Home-Key row or next to it. This makes typing Singhala faster than English. Only four positions are different from QWERTY. Unicode Sinhala requires 64 keys to type letters. It needs a reference card to find what key types what.

We have made standard keyboard programs for all Macintosh, Linux and Windows operating systems. Unicode Sinhala has no input methods for Macintosh and Linux.

It is curious that Unicode Sinhala requires different installation 'packages' for each version of Windows. That is the unfailing proof that Unicode Sinhala is non-standard for Windows. Our keyboard was made for the key layout we developed. However, anyone can make their own or better keyboard for RS using Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator freely available on the Internet.